Strength In Numbers: Why Is It Worth Joining a Boat Association?

For a long time now, we have found the necessity to defend the existence of boat associations. While this debate is frequently mentioned in the media, this is something that is directly relevant to us and our members so we wanted to discuss it. Today, we wanted to talk about why is it worth joining a boat association.

Don’t let our personal bias speak for us; here are a few things that we have received through member feedback:

Planned Group Outings


One of the things that we personally have enjoyed is the fact that boat associations make it a point to organize group outings and gatherings for members and their families. A strong sense of community is always important for boat associations.

This can be better obtained through planned group outings.

Lessons and Classes

boat-classes Boat Associations care very much about the working knowledge of their members and those that care to learn more about boats, sailing, and all that good water sport stuff. They (like us) regularly hold classes which can help improve the understanding of those that want to try out being on a boat and even competing one day.

There aren’t a lot of sources wherein organizations outside of schools have active classes that teach more about going on boats.



When it comes to anything that has any risk to your health and safety, it is always important to have proper insurance for it. While there are big insurance firms that do not like providing policies for those that enjoy risky sports, you can always rely on boat associations to have you covered.

After all, they need to make sure that those that sail, row, or zoom around under their watch are well protected.

These are just a few reasons why we think it is worth joining a boat association. What about on your end? What benefits have you experienced from a boat association?