In the Realm of Giants: Notable Boat Races around the World

If you’re trying to see if you have a future in boat races or what you can sort of expect from them, drawing knowledge from preexisting and notable events would be good. Thankfully, there are several notable boat races that are held around the world.

Here are some of them:

Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race has been around for quite a while. In fact, it sprung up in Spain around the early 70s. What is quite interesting about this race is the fact that it is one which involves yachts and world travel.

They were not kidding about the ocean race part of the name. Competitors will have to toughen out at least 9 months out at sea in order to complete the set ports that they’ll need to go through. This race takes place around every three years or so.

Harvard-Yale Regatta

This particular boat race is one that is held annually and involves two of the well-known universities around the world: Yale and Harvard. If yachts are not really your think then you’ll appreciate the fact that this race involves rowing teams.

This is a race which has a deep history that is rooted back in 1852. It continues to this day with Harvard holding a massive number of wins over Yale.

Fastnet Race

If yachts are really something that interests you, this is one race that you will want to tune into. The Fastnet Race is often held around twice in a year and is not as long as the Volvo Ocean Race. It did actually start before the Volvo Race though—which makes it one of the older yacht races that are held around the world.

These are some races which can really help you determine what you can expect from a boat race. What other big water races do you know of? Let us know the details!

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