Our Solutions

welcome - Our Solutions

Good day to you! We are Thunder on the Gulf. We are a premiere powerboat association that calls Florida our home. As an association, we have a menial membership fee for those that would like to join our community. As a member, here are a few solutions that you can come to expect:

Publication Access

Ever moth, we have a publication wherein we share a lot of different articles and tips on boating, Florida, and the progress of the association. As a bona fide member, you will have access to this members-only publication. You can use the information there for your boating benefit. Also, there are coupons there from local businesses that you can utilize.

Discounted Boat Rentals

If boating is your think but you don’t have your own water craft, we have a slew of them that you can utilize. As a member of the association, this entitles you to big discounts for your rentals. This, of course, includes safety equipment.

Boating Lessons

It is one of our core goals that the community be better equipped with handling water vehicles as a whole. We aim to empower that same community through our fairly regular boating lessons that can be availed of. You just need to check out schedule to see when the next class will be.

Reasonable Loans

If you are aiming to be the master and owner of your own water vehicle in the future, we can help you with that. We can help facilitate personal loans and even insurance for your target boat.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 954-379-0245.