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2024 Sport Fishing Offshore World Champion Predictions


Entering its 24th consecutive year, the Offshore World Championship has established itself as the premier global competition in sport fishing, often described as the ultimate contest for fishing elites. To participate, teams must first prove their mettle by securing victories in one of the many qualifying tournaments, ensuring that only the best of the best make it to this grand event. The tournament promises a fair competition against the stunning backdrop of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, renowned for its abundant marlin and sailfish populations. Teams have the opportunity to navigate some of the finest charter boats in the sport, ensuring a level playing field for all involved.

The event, which takes place from April 14 to 19 in Quepos, Costa Rica, offers more than just fishing. Competitors and spectators can enjoy the region’s lush, tropical scenery and professional event management by Marlin’s experienced team.

The 2023 championship welcomed 29 teams and 138 anglers from an impressive array of countries, including—but not limited to—Australia, the Bahamas, Brazil, and the United States, showcasing its truly international appeal. These participants’ collective journeys spanned over 750,000 miles to participate in the competition, showing the championship’s global draw and the commitment of its competitors.

The convergence of diverse nationalities emphasizes the championship’s status as a global event and fosters a unique spirit of international camaraderie and competition among the world’s top anglers.

The Essence of the Competition

The Offshore World Championship distinguishes itself by offering a unique and equitable playing field. Teams rotate among some of the finest charter boats available. The format ensures that no single team has a home-field advantage, emphasizing skill, teamwork, and adaptability as the keys to success.


The diverse representation of teams—from countries as varied as Kenya, Australia, Brazil, and the United States—underscores the tournament’s global appeal and the international brotherhood of anglers it fosters​.

Victors of the Sea

In the serene conditions of 2023, the Offshore World Championship was a spectacle of sport fishing excellence. Participants collectively released an astounding 267 sailfish and 46 blue marlin. It resulted in an average of nearly 11 billfish per team throughout the event, showcasing the high skill level and commitment to conservation among competitors.

The event was dominated by the seasoned team of Karen and Roger Comstock, alongside Rocky, Judy Franich, and Paul Steigerwald. Representing the International Roosterfish Tournament from Mexico, they skillfully released four blue marlin and 14 sailfish across four days, accumulating 4,800 points to clinch the 2023 Offshore World Champions title.

Their triumph was celebrated with the awarding of trophies and custom gold champions’ rings, marking a momentous occasion as they also secured lifetime invitations to defend their title in future championships.

David Fingland, the top angler of the 2023 tournament, exemplified the event’s global appeal. Hailing from the Bahamas and competing with the Bermuda team, Fingland’s release of two blue marlin and six sailfish earned him the Top Angler trophy, further highlighting the international nature of the competition.

The championship opens doors for anglers worldwide who have won a spot through one of the over 75 qualifying events, providing them with a unique opportunity to compete against some of the sport’s finest. The anticipation for this year’s competition is high, especially with Karen and Roger Comstock, the highly skilled team, among the favorites to win again.

The tournament also extends beyond the physical competition, allowing fishing enthusiasts to engage through betting and fantasy fishing platforms, with the best DFS sites offering various options for fans to participate virtually.

Sustainable Fishing Practices

At the heart of the Offshore World Championship lies a commitment to conservation and sustainable fishing practices.


The tournament’s catch-and-release policy and strict rules regarding tackle and bait underscore this ethos. By fostering a competitive environment that respects the marine ecosystem, the event sets a global benchmark for responsible angling​​.

A Global Stage for Elite Competition

The Offshore World Championship is more than just a test of fishing skill; it is a gathering that celebrates the spirit of sport fishing across the world.

Marina Pez Vela, the event’s backdrop, offers more than just strategic access to fertile fishing grounds; it provides a setting where participants can enjoy Costa Rica’s natural beauty and hospitality. The Parador Resort and Spa, the host resort, further enhances the experience, offering luxury amidst the lush rainforest​.

Final Thoughts

As the 2024 tournament approaches, the sport fishing community watches with bated breath, anticipating another chapter in this grand tradition of competition and camaraderie. The Costa Offshore World Championship continues to be the best fishing tournament, championing the thrill of the catch and the profound connection between anglers and the marine world they so deeply respect.



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