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5 Amazing Spots For Camping In Washington


Washington state is among the popular camping destinations in the US, especially during the warm summer months when you can enjoy all the charm and natural diversity of the place.

Dense forested areas, majestic freshwater lakes, towering peaks, and varied landscapes make Washington a truly inspiring and stunning destination where you can have a visually pleasing experience and a good time while camping.

If you like more southern latitudes, we also recommend checking out the best tent camping places in California.

Returning to Washington, there is a wide variety of campsites available with varying amenities, from primitive wilderness sites to developed campgrounds and resorts with full occupancy and group options. Thus, Washington is an ideal destination for many enthusiasts, both experienced travelers and beginners, who are just discovering the world of camping and hiking.

It is worth considering that many spots may be available by early booking or on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, when planning your trip, try to find out in advance about the availability of sites, or hit the road early in the morning to get the best places if you are planning to camp in locations without prior reservation. It’s also a good idea to have a plan B, such as checking other campsites nearby so that you can find an alternative and have a good time if your main option is full.

We’ve compiled a list of several interesting and beautiful camping spots in Washington that you may want to consider when planning your next camping trip.

Pearrygin Lake State Park

This more than 1,200-acre state park is located in the Methow Valley in north-central Washington. This is a green place that is perfect for those who enjoy watersports and fishing.

The park’s Pirrigin Lakes measure over 10,000 feet and offer a variety of activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating. If you want to combine camping and fishing, the best period to visit the park is between June and September.

Silverline Resort also has two boat ramps. Here, you can rent kayaks and jet skis to make your trip more exciting and memorable.

Thanks to the trees, which are represented by willows and ash trees, the park is comfortable in the summer since the trees create shade where you can hide from the heat.

For hiking enthusiasts, Pearrygin Lake offers the Rex Derr trail, which is just over 3 miles long.

Number of available camping sites: 35

Lake Chelan State Park

Located on the shores of Lake Chelan, this state park is one of the most popular in Washington.

Various activities are also available to visitors here including hiking, cycling, volleyball, swimming, and fishing.


This spot is popular among many new campers, as well as those traveling with family members and children. Besides water sports such as swimming and boating, there is also a playground and a grassy field where you can play Frisbee.

Please note that since Lake Chelan State Park is a popular destination, reservations should be made in advance. The campground can offer about 140 sites.

Along with stunning scenery and trails to explore, camping amenities and a variety of activities including water skiing and windsurfing on the 50-mile lake make Lake Chelan the perfect destination for an active and memorable outdoor getaway!

Mount Rainier National Park

From breathtaking highlands to the hidden depths of ancient forests, there’s plenty to explore in Mount Rainier National Park.

There are several developed areas here. For those planning a visit to Mount Rainier National Park, Ohanapecosh is a less crowded option. Situated along a quiet river in the southeast of the park, this spot allows visitors to experience all the charm of the forest with 1,000-year-old spruce, red cedar, and western hemlock trees.

From hiking and rock climbing to wildlife viewing and ranger-led programs, there’s plenty to do at Mount Rainier, so if you’re looking to spend a few days surrounded by stunning nature, this national park is perfect!

Levels of development of campgrounds in the territory vary from basic to advanced. Therefore, everyone can find something to suit their taste, as there are both primitive campsites and hotels where you can stay.

When planning a trip in the summer, it is best to visit the park in mid-week to avoid crowds.

North Cascades National Park

This National Park has a stunning landscape that includes jagged peaks, panoramic views, and alpine lakes. Located in northwest Washington, this place is home to more than 300 glaciers and countless waterfalls.

North Cascades has no problem with crowds, making it a great destination for those who want to enjoy nature without the hustle and bustle. At the same time, the area has easy access to cities and attractions.

The park has hundreds of miles of trails to offer, including sections of the famous Pacific Crest Trail. From short hikes to challenging climbs, visitors will find trails for every activity level. The best time to go hiking here is from late April to October. It is worth considering that trails at higher elevations often remain snow-covered until July.

There are several lakes for water sports enthusiasts. Kayaking and canoeing are popular options. Visitors will also find plenty of fishing opportunities throughout the park.

You can choose between three main campgrounds to stay: Goodell Creek, Newhalem Creek, and Colonial Creek.

Moran State Park

When visiting Moran State Park, you can choose from five campgrounds located on San Juan Orcas Island.

Camping here is a great way to spend a few days in nature surrounded by evergreen trees. This destination offers visitors a variety of activities, from swimming and kayaking to fishing and hiking along nearly 40 miles of trails.


If you value solitude with nature, then the South End campground is a place worth putting on your list. This spot is not that crowded and also has all the basic amenities like showers and toilets.

When planning a trip to Moran State Park, you can set up your tent on the private beach along the sapphire-colored Cascade Lake.



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