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DIY vs. Professional Prints: What Every Artist Should Know


When it comes to presenting their art, many artists face a common dilemma – whether to opt for DIY prints or professional ones. While printing the artwork at home offers a sense of control and cost-effectiveness, professional printing services provide expertise and high-quality output. In this post, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both DIY and professional prints, with the aim of helping every artist make an informed decision.

DIY Prints: Control on a Budget

If you are wondering how to make prints of your art, then you must understand that many artists enjoy the freedom that DIY printing offers. With modern technology easily available at hand, getting started is as simple as owning a decent printer. Here are some advantages of opting for the do-it-yourself approach:

Creativity Unleashed

Creating your own prints allows you to have complete control over the entire process, from selecting the paper type to adjusting colors as per your vision. This level of involvement ensures that your artistic expression remains true, even in print form.

Cost-effective Solution

For artists who operate on tight budgets or limited resources, DIY options offer a significant advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness. Owning a printer requires only an initial investment that can be amortized over time and allows you to print art whenever necessary without added costs.

Quick Turnaround Times

When time is of the essence, relying on your own equipment allows for quicker turnaround times since you can start reproducing your work as soon as inspiration strikes. There’s no need for scheduling appointments or waiting for external vendors to fulfill orders.

Drawbacks of DIY Prints

Despite these benefits, there are certain considerations when it comes to DIY prints:

Print Quality Limitations

DIY printing may not match up to the exacting standards set by professional printers when it comes to color accuracy and detail reproduction. Inkjet printers used by most artists at home often lack the wide dynamic range offered by specialist equipment used by commercial printers.

Limited Size Options

Another factor to consider is the maximum print size achievable with an at-home printer. If artists desire larger prints, DIY methods might fall short and result in compromises on detail and quality.

Professional Prints: Expertise and Superior Output

When artists opt for professional printing services, they gain access to expertise and high-quality outputs that demand significant attention to detail.


Here are some advantages of relying on professional prints:

Exceptional Print Quality

Professional printing establishments utilize advanced technology, including high-quality pigment-based inks, calibrated monitors, and commercial-grade printers. These factors allow them to achieve sharp details, accurate colors, and a wide gamut.

Wide Range of Options

Choosing professional prints offers various options to artists, ranging from different paper finishes (glossy, matte) and weights (thick or fine art paper) to specialized options such as canvas or metal prints. These choices can significantly enhance the final presentation of the art.

Hands-Off Convenience

By partnering with a professional printing service, artists can focus solely on their creative process while leaving the hands-on aspects of reproduction to the experts. This freedom allows artists more time to devote themselves fully to their craft.

Drawbacks of Professional Prints

While professional printing offers numerous benefits, certain considerations should also be taken into account:

Higher Costs Involved

Due to the expertise required and top-notch equipment involved in achieving exceptional prints, professional services usually come at a premium cost compared to DIY methods. Artists need to account for these expenses when planning their budget.

Longer Turnaround Times

Working with external vendors means there will inevitably be longer lead times involved in professionally printing artwork. Discussions regarding specifications, proofing stages, and printing schedules may consume valuable time that needs consideration.


Before embarking on the path of presenting your artwork through prints, it is crucial for every artist to consider both DIY and professional print options carefully. Both avenues offer unique advantages depending on individual preferences and requirements.


DIY prints may be the perfect fit for artists who are on a limited budget and desire complete control over the printing process. On the other hand, professional prints offer exceptional quality, flexibility, and convenience at a higher cost.

Ultimately, every artist should evaluate their needs and weigh these options to determine the best fit for their artistic vision and financial constraints. By understanding the pros and cons of DIY and professional prints, artists can make an informed decision that aligns with their unique goals and aspirations.



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