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Garden Retreats: How to Build a Gaming Oasis in Your Backyard


Imagine your backyard being a gaming oasis. Sounds great, right? Combining nature and gaming is easier than you might think. The mix of outdoor fresh air, light, and greenery with gaming sessions or even just reading ontario casino reviews sounds too good to pass up. Let’s dive in and start making things happen.

Designing Your Space

Let’s start with space design. Creating a comfortable gaming area takes some thought and planning, so here is what we suggest you start with.


Since your gaming setup is moving outside, the furniture needs some adjustment. Start with water-resistant material like metal, treated wood, or high-quality wicer to ensure it lasts. But, of course, you won’t be sitting on a wooden chair. Look for ergonomic chairs which will make it easier to play for a longer time. Consider adding some extra cushions for more comfortable seats.


It is easy to buy and set up everything you need but remember, it needs to be properly protected from the weather. You need to think about rain and sun protection, so make sure to build your area with that in mind, so you can play at any time regardless of the weather. You would be surprised at how many people overlook this step.


Everyone has a different aesthetic they go for. When designing your gaming area, make it cozy with all your favorite stuff. Use things like outdoor rugs, decorative pillows, or any items that you like. The goal is to make the space inviting and yours.

Integration of Technology

Next to the visual appeal of your backyard getaway, you need to carefully consider gaming equipment to make sure that everything is functional and durable.

Gaming Consoles and Screens

Since you will be playing outside, try looking at outdoor-friendly screens that have anti-glare features and also high brightness levels to balance out outdoor light. Placement is also important, aim for placing your monitor or TV in a shaded area to be better visible.


Another advice is to use waterproof covers to further protect your equipment from moisture or dust; maybe even small bugs.


Following up on the already mentioned waterproofing. Next to waterproof covers, use outdoor-rated extension cords and power strips. Take your time to make sure that all the cords are safe and secure.

Power Supply

Keep in mind how many power sockets you need in your outdoor space. If needed, hire a professional to install more outlets, opt for waterproof ones. If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, solar-powered chargers are a great option too.

Enhancing the Atmosphere

With some groundwork out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can create an even better atmosphere.


Moving your gaming setup outside doesn’t mean you have to ruin your flower gardens. After finishing your outdoor setup, surround it with plants and flowers to keep that outdoor atmosphere and look.

Choose low-maintenance flowers that can grow in your climate conditions. Depending on how much space you have left, use potted plants plant small trees, and make small gardens.


Decor is subjective to personal liking. Make your gaming area feel however you like, a calm environment or like you teleported to your favorite game. Add your favorite decor from your favorite games to add those final touches, that way, when you step into your new space, you feel like you entered another dimension.


Proper lighting is important for both ambiance and visibility. Use string lights or LED strips to add more light to your setup and create a more inviting atmosphere. For functional lighting, try lamps that can be moved easily when needed.

Benefits of Gaming and iGaming

You might be thinking “Why should I do all this?”, well let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Fresh Air and Natural Light

Combining gaming and the outdoors is the best of both worlds. Playing games outside allows you to enjoy fresh air and vitamin D while playing your favorite games. It is a win-win if you ask us.

Mobile Gaming

The flexibility of mobile gaming and iGaming is what makes them perfect for outdoor gaming.


You can enjoy your favorite games or tournaments outside in the calm atmosphere of your backyard, which can help you focus even more.

Personalization and Customization

Adding your touch to your garden oasis is something we keep mentioning. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we got you.

Adaptable Space

Take into consideration using your space as best as possible, for example, use flexible seating arrangements that can work for both solo gaming and for when your friends come over to play together.


Look for gaming-friendly accessories like movable tables for drinks and snacks. Also, take into consideration storage for games or controllers. Add wireless speakers to boost the sound quality so you can fully teleport to your favorite game.

Personalization is quite self-explanatory, our best advice is to do what makes you happy with your space.

Final Thoughts

Creating an outdoor gaming and iGaming space is the best of both worlds. Enjoy the benefits of nature and your favorite games all at the same time, in the same place. So, what are you waiting for? Get to creating your gaming getaway.



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