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Getting started with online fishing games


Fishing is a rewarding pursuit that is growing in popularity. Part of its appeal lies in the sense of relaxation and the connection to the great outdoors it embodies, and how it suddenly becomes punctuated by the excitement of a tug on the line. This can be extremely hard to replicate if you are not able to physically venture out. However, that has not stopped many game developers from trying. Many have managed to take the best aspects of fishing and include them in virtual gaming. Below, we discuss how to get started with fishing games online.  

Slot games

Online slot games have boomed in popularity over the past five years. They offer a convenient way to entertain yourself and win some money while doing so, often without even venturing out of the house.


If you have not tried them, then you can win big at our prestigious online casino in a multitude of slot titles. From easy-access games to more complex ones with jackpots and bonus rounds, there is something for everyone. With welcome bonuses, you don’t even have to use your funds to get started.

For those who have never played slots before, the concept is simple. Games are based around reels each of which has various symbols upon them. A player makes a deposit and can press a button to spin the reels. When they land, it forms a row and the symbols that are on the row denote if they have a payout. Each symbol will have a value, with some being able to trigger special features like wild symbols and scatters.  

Many of these games are themed or even use licenses from famous movies such as Ghostbusters and Terminator. However, there are several that use fishing as the basis for their unique selling points and graphical layout. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the Fishin Frenzy franchise, which has a huge number of variations and updates spread across the world of online casinos.  

The original Fishin’ Frenzy game is very easy to get started with but remains exciting due to its bonus features. It has ten pay lines, meaning you have ten different ways to win money. All the symbols are related to the pursuit of angling, such as the boat, lifebelt, seagull and the prize fish! The fisherman is the most valuable, acting as a wild symbol and providing the ability to scoop up a bigger total in the bonus round.  

Console and PC fishing games

You may be surprised at the amount of fishing games available on consoles and PCs. Hunting is a whole subgenre of gaming, and much of this is taken up by fishing. Not only can these games be immersive, but some of them are extremely imaginative.


One of the titles in question is Fishing: North Atlantic. This game takes you far beyond the rod and river approach of many and out into the ocean on a trawler. Set off the coast of Nova Scotia, you must earn money to upgrade your boat and equipment in a bid to bring in the biggest haul possible.  

As much a business simulator as anything else, all the equipment is based on real-life items you would find on vessels. You have to compete with weather and seasons, as well as market forces all getting in your way. It’s like running your own fishing business without the danger and cold, wet weather.  

Rapala Fishing Pro Series is another game with a more sporting, yet still realistic approach. This one has 17 types of fish for you to catch in normal and fly fishing modes. The title simulates real-world environments, such as the time of day and which way the water is travelling. It is as close to the real thing as you will get and has leaderboards and competitions for you to get competitive.  

Casual free games

If you don’t want to spend money on playing fishing games, then there are a host of free titles available to play online. Many of these can be operated in a browser and are compatible with mobile, so you just need to do a quick search for them. They may not have the complexity of casino games or console offerings, but they are just as fun nevertheless.  

Fishing Simulator is one such browser game. You are limited to one location named Willow Pond, but the soundtrack of birds and leaves rustling in the trees gives it an authentic experience. You use the menu at the top of the screen to conduct most of your commands. These include changing your spot and swapping rods and bait types. Funds are limited and can only be increased by catching more fish.  

Another of these is Let’s Fish. Unlike the above-mentioned game, this one takes the action out onto the open sea. It has a host of additional features, many of them social ones so you can compete and save game progress. Thus, you will need to sign up to the games provider although it does remain free.



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