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How Long Does it Take to Get Used to Contact Lenses?


Getting accustomed to contact lenses is a different experience for every user as it involves a life without frames, among other things. Although contact lenses allow people to get rid of their glasses, they require getting used to them in the beginning.

This article gives a general overview of the realm of contact lenses us citizens should find useful. We will be looking at examining common issues, different problems depending on age and gender, and several tips for a smoother transition.

Adjusting to Wearing Contact Lenses

This transition between wearing glasses and moving to contact lenses can seem intimidating to many people; the experience of placing a foreign object over one’s eye doesn’t seem natural. In the early days, one will likely experience some dryness, and it’s not uncommon to have an irritating sensation that something is in your eye. While these sensations usually diminish with perseverance of practice – and as the eyes and wearer adapt to the new eye-to-lens interface – trying to adapt to the sensations can sometimes make these sensations worse.

People who start using contact lenses commonly experience trouble inserting and removing them, suffer from eye irritation, or are unable to fit lens-care into their schedules. These difficulties can lengthen the time needed before wearing contacts becomes comfortable, or can lead people to discontinue use altogether.

Common Challenges when Starting to Use Contact Lenses

Different patients will adapt to the lenses at different rates. It depends on factors such as:

  • Whether you are wearing soft lenses or rigid gas permeability
  • Whether you are a daily wear or extended wear lens wearer
  • Whether the patient is consistent with wearing their lenses
  • How sensitive your eyes are.


For patients switching from glasses, it takes time to get used to the panoramic view and depth perception.

Transitioning from Glasses to Contact Lenses

There is an initial physical adjustment as well as a psychological one, to seeing the world in a different way that can involve getting used to a wider field of unobstructed vision, and to the feeling of things being right up against your eye.

Gradual Adaptation to Contact Lens Use

With proper instruction and fitting, most people adapt to wearing contact lenses in a few days. For first time contact lens wearers, it may take up to two weeks for gas-permeable lenses and for first time soft lens wearers it may take as little as a few hours.

You’ll have to follow a routine of looking after your lenses unless you have daily disposable lenses. Wearing a few hours a day, increasing the wear time over days, weeks and up to a month, helps the eyes adapt more comfortably. Proper lens-care regimens should be followed and periodic follow-up examinations with an optometrist are important.


In conclusion, although the acclimatization time can change from wearer to wearer, it can be presumed that most will find the period good practice. By accepting the initial discomfort and dedicating time to learning how to care for the lenses properly, contact lens wear can greatly reward with improved vision free from spectacles.


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