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Locum Tenens Benefit All


Nobody was prepared for the global pandemic. Healthcare workers bore the brunt of the burden during this difficult period in history, and the effects continue to be seen in the industry. Employee burnout and staffing shortages are common today, which is why many organizations now rely on locum tenens for help. These individuals step in and fill staffing gaps in healthcare. How are they of benefit?

Student Loan Debt

A person might hesitate to enter the medical profession when they see the cost of schooling. Many providers who have been practicing for several years still have this immense debt hanging over them. Working as a locum allows the person to pay off this debt sooner, as individuals serving in this capacity often command higher pay. Once this obligation has been eliminated, the medical professional can begin searching for a practice to call home. However, many people find they love the flexibility that comes with locum tenens positions and want to continue looking for locum tenens work rather than settling on one location.

Staffing Shortages

Healthcare organizations find they can turn to locum tenens for help when they have staffing shortages. These temporary workers may take over for practitioners who are on vacation or taking a sabbatical. Health issues can sideline a medical professional just as they do any person, and the organization must fill the position until the professional can resume their duties.


Locum tenens may also be called in to fill open positions when people resign. Having these temporary workers in place benefits the organization, as it has more time to find a suitable person for the open position.

Professional Burnout

Burnout is not something new to the medical industry. In fact, it has been an issue for quite some time, but COVID-19 compounded the problem. Medical workers felt underappreciated and overworked as they struggled to save the lives of countless individuals who had the new virus. The long hours and excessive stress led to many people leaving the industry.

Those who stayed may still struggle to find the right work/life balance. Locum tenens can provide much-needed relief for these men and women. Medical professionals can take time off without abandoning their patients. Locum tenens ensure patients get the care they need until their regular provider returns. This allows the provider to enjoy the time off. They won’t worry that they will return to the practice and have several patients with new concerns they now need to address.

Improved Patient Care

Rural and underserved communities are hardest hit by healthcare staffing shortages. Locum tenens often visit these communities to provide care. However, they also benefit healthcare organizations in major metropolitan areas, large cities, and small towns. Understaffed facilities are found across America, and locum tenens fill these gaps to ensure patients receive necessary care promptly.


They can also be called on during periods of high demand to help permanent healthcare workers.

Locum tenens may choose to find job opportunities individually. Today, however, many individuals seeking these positions choose to turn to a staffing agency for help. Doing so allows them to spend more time helping people and less time finding their next job, which is why they entered the profession initially. The agency gathers information to help locums find positions that meet their unique requirements, saving everyone time and money.



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