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Medical Jobs For Physical Therapists


Within the world of physical therapy, there are numerous potential jobs based on various specialties. Those who are looking for a job as a physical therapist may want to consider specializing as a way to choose the patients they’d like to help or the work they’d like to do. There are many different specialties to consider, including the following.

Sports and Athletes

One of the most sought-after jobs for physical therapists is working with sports injuries. These physical therapists will work with athletes to help them recover after they’ve been injured or to prevent injuries while playing sports. They may help with a variety of sports injuries, such as ACL tears, tennis elbow, or concussions. They may use a variety of methods to help athletes recover or to prevent injuries in the future and can work with young athletes, famous athletes, and more.


As another generation is again, the need for geriatric physical therapy is increasing. Geriatric patients may have progressive diseases that impact their everyday activities or may suffer from chronic pain or injuries.


Physical therapy can help them recover from injuries, learn how to do activities again if they’ve lost some or all mobility, and help prevent injuries. Teaching balance and other skills can help elderly patients avoid falling, which can cause serious injuries to them.


Another option is to become a pediatric physical therapist. For those who love working with children, this offers the opportunity to work with children who have mobility or related issues and may need a little extra care. The patients may have developmental delays, physical limitations, or need extra help for other reasons. A pediatric physical therapist may work in a hospital setting, at a school, at a rehabilitation clinic, or in the patient’s home. They will often use a wide range of techniques to help patients and may be a little creative when finding ways to help.


Orthopedics involves treating the bones, muscles, ligaments, and more. Those who work as a physical therapist in orthopedics may work with those who have sprained a muscle, broken a bone, or had a joint replacement surgery. The goal, in most cases, is to recover fully from the injury and regain the full range of movement. This can overlap some with sports-related injuries, though the patients will not always be athletes or those who have been injured while playing sports.


A physical therapist who works in neurology will work alongside a neurologist to help patients recover from illnesses or prevent injuries by helping them with balance, coordination, and other movement. They will often help those who have a brain or spinal cord injury, those with chronic conditions like cerebral palsy, or those who have trouble with their gross motor skills. A neurology physical therapist may work with children, adults, or the elderly, depending on where they work.


If you’re looking for a job as a physical therapist, there are many different options to choose from. If you do choose to specialize, take the time to learn more about some of the different options and find one that might be a great fit for you. With the right help, it can be easy to find a physical therapy job you’ll enjoy and one where you’ll be able to help as many people as possible.



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