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Super Helpful Tips for Corporate Event Photography


Photos from corporate events can be a great source of marketing and a tool for a company. Such photos not only capture the moments of exciting events but also reflect the company’s atmosphere and mood. Therefore, it is important to capture such things as professionally as possible. As a corporate event photographer, it’s imperative to know how to create high-quality images that will satisfy the most demanding clients. So, consider useful tips for not just suitable but successful corporate event photography.

Planning. Preparation

Before a corporate event, it is necessary and important to properly plan the business event photography process. Meet with the event organizers and:

1. Find their expectations for the photos and any special wishes or requirements.

2.  Identify important moments that need to be captured:

  • speeches,
  • awards,
  • presentations,
  • informal moments etc.


3. Consider the peculiarities of the room where the event will occur whether it is exclusively indoor event photography or a combination of outdoor moments.

4. Consider the lighting conditions: natural, artificial, or mixed.

5. Make sure you have all the necessary photo and video equipment:

  • extra batteries,
  • lenses,
  • memory cards,
  • flashes.

In the future, you may also create collages from photos and videos of past and current events for future reference. For example, to create a visual brand book for the company, which will be perceived by customers much more emotionally due to visual live effects. From this side of view another effective practice appears – to create photos that are taken out of the video context. You can take a lot of professional pictures during a corporate party, but then you watch the video of the event and realize that a certain shot is unbeatable and could take a great picture. So, you apply image capture on MacBook and select the shots that seem to you to best convey the emotion that was key to the event, that is, the special spirit that prevailed during the corporate party. By combining live and captured images in this way, you can create an album of unforgettable memories for the participants of the event, which will then go down in the history of the company.

Setting Up Your Camera

Proper camera settings play a key role in creating high-quality photos of corporate activities.

1. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s recommended that you use the shooting modes that are appropriate for the lighting conditions, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Make the settings according not only to the artificial or natural light but also to its nuances, namely, the time of day, sunny or cloudy day, etc.

2.  Don’t forget about the importance of proper composition. Visually appealing photos depend on the arrangement of objects in the picture and proper framing.

3. Use different perspectives and angles to create exciting and dynamic images.

The Іmportance of Communication

Interacting with Participants

Among other knowledge of how to photograph events, it is crucial to know how to communicate. We advise you to talk to the participants of the corporate event to learn a little more about their emotions.  This way, you will have a better chance of getting more natural and emotional shots when it comes to photography.


When communicating with the people you plan to capture through your lens, be friendly and professional. Do your best to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. This will help the naturalness and authenticity of the images.

Processing and Presentation

After the photo shoot is over, there comes an equally significant stage, namely, selecting the best shots from the many and processing them perfectly. This is not about artificiality or overly picturesque, but about emphasizing quality and making them look even more aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, choose a professional program that has all the latest technological features for photo processing and is easy to use. You should be able to do the following with it.

Remove Defects

During processing, you should have the ability to professionally remove unwanted elements from photos, such as spots, unnecessary things, or underexposure in the image.

Color and Exposure Correction

Color correction and proper exposure will make your photos look more professional.

Optimize for Different Media Platforms

It is important to consider the requirements of different media platforms. For example, images for print may require different settings than those for websites or social media.

Stylized Effects

Using a variety of filters and effects can add a unique style to your photos. For example, vintage effects or black-and-white filters can create a vintage atmosphere or a mood if the corporate event is themed and the theme is from previous decades.


Don’t forget to keep the original photos. This way, you can edit or add new effects to them later if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Thus, taking pictures of corporate events is not only about the ability to use a camera but also about a professional approach. This includes comprehensive planning of the process, communication with participants, and diverse processing of materials. Using the above tips and being properly prepared, you as a photographer can offer your clients high-quality photos and extraordinary solutions.



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