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Ultimate OSRS Fishing Guide: Tips, Tricks & Locations for Max XP


www Embarking on a fishing adventure in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is not just about casting a line into the nearest body of water and hoping for the best. It’s an intricate skill that, when mastered, can yield impressive rewards, from high-level cuisine ingredients to the elusive treasures beneath the waves. This guide is tailored to help both novices and seasoned anglers navigate the vast fishing opportunities in Gielinor, ensuring that every player knows where to cast their nets for the best catches.

Understanding the mechanics of fishing in OSRS is crucial for maximizing efficiency and climbing the skill levels quickly. With a variety of fishing spots scattered across the world and an array of tools at their disposal, players need a comprehensive guide to steer them through their aquatic quests. This article aims to provide that guidance, offering tips on leveling up, making profit, and uncovering the secrets of the deep.

Osrs Fishing Guide

Understanding the Basics

www thunderonthegulf.comFishing in OSRS is a valuable skill that allows players to harvest food necessary for combat activities and obtain ingredients for the Cooking skill. Players begin by catching fish such as shrimp and anchovies, gradually working their way up to more prestigious catches like lobsters, swordfish, and sharks. Mastery in fishing not only contributes to a player’s overall level but also opens up various pathways for making gold in the game. Ensuring players understand the fishing spots, types of fish, and requirements for each level is fundamental.

Each fishing spot in Gielinor offers different fish types, requiring specific tools and levels to catch. For instance, fly fishing spots are abundant in rivers and offer trout and salmon, while lobster pots are used in deeper waters for catching lobsters. It’s important to recognize that higher-level fish not only provide better experience rates but are also more valuable in the OSRS market.

Choosing the Right Equipment

www thunderonthegulf.comEssential to any fisherman’s success is the right equipment. Standard fishing gear includes fishing rods, nets, lobster pots, and harpoons, each serving a unique purpose and fish type. For beginners, a small fishing net is sufficient to catch low-level fish, while higher-level activities might require more specialized tools like a harpoon for swordfish and tuna or a lobster pot for lobsters.

Selecting the appropriate equipment is crucial, as it directly impacts the efficiency of leveling and the profitability of the fishing activity. Players must invest in the correct tools and upgrade them as they progress to ensure the best possible outcomes in their fishing endeavors.

  • Fishing Rods and Baits: Necessary for catching fish like sardines, herring, pike, and others. Baits are used in conjunction with fishing rods and vary depending on the type of fish players aim to catch.

  • Fly Fishing Rods: Ideal for catching trout and salmon, fly fishing rods use feathers as bait, providing faster experience rates than other methods at lower levels.

  • Big Fishing Nets: Allow the capture of multiple fish at once, such as mackerel, cod, and bass, making them a preferred choice for players looking to maximize their haul.

  • Lobster Pots and Harpoons: Required for catching higher-level seafood like lobsters and tuna or swordfish, respectively. These tools are key for players seeking to level up their fishing skill efficiently.

Fishing Spots and What to Catch

Moving further into the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) fishing, it’s crucial to know where to cast one’s net or line. Fishing spots in OSRS are divided into two main categories: Free-to-Play (F2P) locations and Members-Only (P2P) locations. These spots offer various types of fish, each requiring specific tools and levels to catch.

Members-Only (P2P) Locations

www thunderonthegulf.comUnderstanding these locations and what they offer is critical in planning a fishing journey in OSRS. Whether one is just starting out in F2P areas or exploring the vast opportunities in P2P locations, knowing the right spots to fish is essential for mastering the art of fishing in Gielinor. Engaging in OSRS fishing not only enhances a player’s skill level but also contributes significantly to their in-game financial status, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

For those who have access to the members-only content, a broader range of fishing spots and fish become available, elevating the fishing experience. Notable P2P locations include:

  • Fishing Guild: Requiring a fishing level of 68 to enter (which can be boosted), the Fishing Guild is a hub for serious fishers. It provides close access to a bank and spots for catching sharks, lobsters, and swordfish more efficiently than in F2P areas.

  • Catherby: Located on the seaside, Catherby offers diverse fishing opportunities, including catching sharks with a harpoon and lobsters with lobster pots. It’s also conveniently close to a bank, making it a popular spot for players looking to level up quickly.

  • Piscatoris Fishing Colony: The colony is unique for offering monkfish fishing spots, accessible after completing the “Swan Song” quest. Monkfish provide excellent experience and profit, making Piscatoris a preferred spot for mid to high-level fishers.

Levels and Experience: A Comprehensive Breakdown

After understanding the importance of fishing locations in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), mastering fishing levels and experience becomes the next essential step. This segment of the OSRS fishing guide provides a detailed look at leveling strategies from the initial stages to reaching the pinnacle of fishing mastery.

Leveling Up: 1-50

www thunderonthegulf.comStarting at level 1, players embark on their fishing journey catching shrimp with a small net at locations like Lumbridge and Draynor Village. Quickly moving past shrimp allows fishermen to tackle new challenges and more rewarding catches. At level 15, trout becomes the next target, requiring a fly fishing rod and feathers for bait. Trout, found in abundant supply around Lumbridge and Barbarian Village, offers faster experience rates up to level 30.

Upon reaching level 30, players shift their focus to salmon, requiring the same equipment as trout but providing more experience per catch. This method remains effective until level 48, where leaping trout and salmon at Barbarian Village becomes a viable option with the Barbarian rod, offering even faster experience gains. For those seeking financial profit alongside experience, lobster fishing begins at level 40, with notable locations at Karamja and the Fishing Guild for members. This period lays the foundation for an efficient climb through the fishing levels, emphasizing rapid experience gain and an introduction to profitable fishing.

Advancing Further: 51-99

www thunderonthegulf.comProgressing beyond level 50, players encounter a variety of methods tailored to maximizing both experience rates and profit. At level 58, fishermen can start catching leaping sturgeon along with trout and salmon at the Barbarian Village, further increasing experience rates. However, many opt to switch to fishing lobsters until level 62 for a balance between earnings and experience.

www thunderonthegulf.comOnce reaching level 62, the focus shifts to monkfish, available to those who’ve completed the “Swan Song” quest. Monkfish provide an excellent source of income and experience, making them a preferred choice up to level 70. From level 70 onwards, players face a decision based on their goals: continue with monkfish for financial gains or switch to fly fishing leaping sturgeons for faster experience.

At level 76, sharks become available, offering significant profits despite their slow catch rate. For the ultimate fishing experience and profitability, players at level 85 can catch dark crabs with a lobster pot and dark fishing bait, delivering the most lucrative returns in the game. However, reaching level 99 often involves leveraging multiple fishing methods to balance experience gain, in-game wealth, and player engagement.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Tick Manipulation Explained

www thunderonthegulf.comTick manipulation stands as a technique advanced players employ to reduce the time it takes to catch fish, thus increasing experience rates per hour in OSRS. Essentially, it involves performing actions in a specific sequence that interrupts the standard fishing cycle, allowing for more catches in less time. Players achieve this by using certain items, like swamp tar with a pestle and mortar, right before a fishing attempt. This method tricks the game’s tick system—where one tick equals 0.6 seconds—into initiating a new fishing attempt sooner than it normally would. Mastering tick manipulation requires practice, as timing is crucial, but it significantly boosts fishing efficiency when done correctly.

Making the Most of Fishing Events

www thunderonthegulf.comFishing events in Osrs Fishing Guide, such as the Fishing Trawler and Tempoross, offer valuable opportunities for players to gain extra experience and rewards. During these events, players can earn fishing experience while acquiring unique items like the Angler’s outfit, which increases experience gained from fishing when worn. Participating in these events not only breaks up the monotony of traditional fishing but also provides an effective way for players to level up their fishing skill. To make the most of these events, players should pay attention to event schedules and prerequisites, like the required fishing level or equipment, to ensure they can participate fully and reap the maximum benefits. Engaging in these events with friends or clan members can also enhance the experience, making it more enjoyable and efficient.

Minigames and Quests Involving Fishing

Following the exploration of fishing locations, leveling strategies, and advanced techniques in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), this section delves into specific minigames and quests that are integral to maximizing one’s fishing prowess. Engaging in these activities not only boosts the fishing experience but also unlocks exclusive rewards, making them a valuable addition to any osrs fishing guide.

Fishing Trawler Minigame

www thunderonthegulf.comThe Fishing Trawler minigame stands out as an essential activity for those looking to enhance their fishing skills. Located in Port Khazard, this team-based minigame requires players to work together to keep a trawler afloat while it’s at sea. Through patching leaks, bailing water, and ensuring the net stays intact, participants can catch a wide array of fish, some of which are unobtainable through regular fishing methods. Playing the Fishing Trawler minigame is crucial for those aiming to collect the Angler’s outfit, as pieces of this gear can randomly be obtained as a reward upon completion of a successful trip. The experience and rewards gained make it a compelling proposition for any player seeking to advance in fishing.

Angler’s Outfit: How to Acquire

www thunderonthegulf.comAcquiring the Angler’s outfit is a goal for many players looking to optimize their fishing expeditions. This full set of gear, which includes the hat, top, waders, and boots, grants a 2.5% experience boost when all pieces are worn while fishing. Obtaining the outfit pieces is exclusively done through participation in the Fishing Trawler minigame. Each successful trip grants a chance to receive one of the outfit’s components at random. Therefore, players often partake in multiple runs of the Fishing Trawler, not only to increase their fishing level through the unique catch but also to complete their Angler’s outfit collection for the significant experience boost it provides.

Incorporating these minigames and quests into one’s fishing strategy in Osrs Fishing Guide is pivotal. They offer opportunities to gain experience, valuable items, and, importantly, the chance to wear the esteemed Angler’s outfit. Thus, engaging in such activities is highly recommended for enhancing one’s efficiency and experience in fishing within Old School RuneScape.



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